Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  What makes dŌSA special?
A:  ALL of dŌSA’s skin care products are NATURAL and HANDMADE.  Our company was built around a strong belief that ‘less’ is ‘more’ which is why every one of our products contain a limited number of powerful and effective natural and organic ingredients (in most cases less than 8) that do not simply coat the skin but feeds skin. 

Q: Why do you add citric acid to your body wash?
A:  In addition to adjusting the pH of the product, citric acid is an organic agent proven to have amazing benefits for improving the texture of skin and lightening its tone.  Additionally, this acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), which gently exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells in the pores of skin.  And, we love citric acids anti-oxidant capacity!

Q: Why do you use cetearyl alcohol in your products?  I thought alcohol was bad for skin.
A:  Just so there is no mistake, fatty alcohols are absolutely non-irritating and are exceptionally beneficial for skin. It’s important to discern these skin-friendly forms of alcohol from the problematic types of alcohol.

Q:  Why use stearic acid in your products?
A:  Stearic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid. We only use stearic acid derived from vegetable fats, not animal fats.  Stearic acid is found naturally in the protective outer layer of the skin. It is one of the building blocks of the lipid layers in skin, which help to form a barrier and preserve the skin's natural moisture.

Q:  I see you use Optiphen in your scrubs.  What is Optiphen?
A: Optiphen is a natural, globally approved preservative that is paraben-free and does not release formaldehyde or contain petrochemicals. Most of our products are anhydrous (containing no water) so are less susceptible to microbial growth.  As a preventative measure, however, we add this preservative to our scrubs since they are more likely to come in contact with water.  There is not a 100% natural preservative with years of testing behind it that we have been able to find that is effective at providing broad spectrum preservation against mold, bacteria, yeast and fungus.  To us, Optiphen is the best choice.

Q:  What’s up with the potassium in your body wash?
A:  Potassium is a vital mineral for proper bodily functions and it’s one of the most common deficiencies I the US diet today.  Low potassium levels affect major organs such as the skin.  Low potassium levels cause skin cells to lose water and can be one of the leading causes of dry skin.

Q:  Why does the Body Butter need to be kept at room temperature? 
A:  dŌSA’s Moisturizing Body Butters are all Natural & Homemade with no preservatives or fillers but instead are formulated with Organic Butters and Oils that will lose form if left in direct sunlight or exposed to high temperatures.  If you're body butter melts, simply place in the refrigerator until it re-hardens then use as normal.